Water Saving Flushing Boxes and Cisterns 慳水沖廁水箱及水缸

Water Saving Flushing Boxes and Cisterns 慳水沖廁水箱及水缸


Satisfied requirement of Green Procurement by Environment Protection Department: 

  • 採用雙水量沖水型坐廁,最大沖水量應符合以下要求:
    i. 每次半沖水用水少於 3 公升
    ii. 每次全沖水用水少於 6 公升
    Should be dual-flush type, and the maximum flushing-water
    volume should meet the following requirements:
    i. Less than 3 litres per reduce flush
    ii. Less than 6 litres per full flush
  • Supplier Name:


    Please refer to Water Supplies Department


  • Supplier Contact:


  • Supplier Website:

    • https://www.wsd.gov.hk/filemanager/en/share/wels/water_closet_registry-e.pdf
    • https://www.wsd.gov.hk/filemanager/tc/share/wels/water_closet_registry-c.pdf
  • Remarks:

    截至2020年 03月 13日 as at 13 Mar 2020


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