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Mil Mill再造珍寶廁紙卷 Mil Mil Jumbo Tissue Roll

Mil Mill再造珍寶廁紙卷 Mil Mil Jumbo Tissue Roll


Satisfied requirement of Green Procurement by Environment Protection Department: 

  • 按重量計算,廁紙須含 100%回收纖維,當中最少 60%為消 費後回收纖維
    The toilet paper must contain by weight 100% recovered fibre and that recovered fibre must contain not less than 60% postconsumer fibre
  • 產品的配製或製造成分不應含螢光增白劑 
    The product should not be formulated or manufactured with optical brighteners. 
  • Supplier Name:

    喵坊 Mil Mill

  • Supplier Contact:

    Telephone: (852) 2498 2378


  • Supplier Website:

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  • Remarks:

    截至2020年 03月 13日 as at 13 Mar 2020

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