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SchoolPurchasGreen 是一個免費網上平台,致力為本港的學校搜索合適的綠色產品,


SchoolPuchaseGreen is a free online platform to search for green products available in market for school's consideration.
We hope that this platform could contribute to environmental protection in Hong Kong!

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Reducing Unnecessary Excess

SchoolPurchasGreen根據香港環境局第6/2015號通告的綠色採購規定, 列出全部或部份符合綠色採購規定的產品. 我們會定時更新網頁, 確保提供最新最齊全的環保產品供學校參考!

SchoolPurchaseGreen和所有產品的製造商和供應商沒有直接和間接的利益關係.  購買與否由學校自行決定, SchoolPurchaseGreen不提供任何意見. 



All products listed in SchoolPurchaseGreen fully or partially satisfy the requirements of green procurement in accordance with the Environment Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 6/2015 issued by Environmental Protection Department. The webpage will be updated regularly for the latest green products available in market for school's consideration.

There is no direct or indirect interest between the manufacturers or suppliers with SchoolPurchaseGreen. No advice would be given by SchoolPurchaseGreen to school for selection of product or decision for purchase.

Environment Bureau Circular Memorandum No. 6/2015

Green Procurement in the Government :


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